Professional Disinfection Fogging Service against Covid-19


Professional Disinfection Fogging Service against Covid-19

We provide professional and affordable disinfection fogging service in South Bay and Los Angeles County. We provide rapid emergency response 24/7 for your peace of mind. Your health and well-being of the communities we serve is our absolute top priority. 


Now that Covid-19 is now part of our everyday life, maintaining a virus-free and controlled environment at the office has never been more critical. Our disinfecting services protect your business and community. iKonscious' highly-trained specialists can help stop the spread of the virus among your workers and customers. 


Is a fogging service right for your business?

With any facility size and need to disinfect, sterilize, decontaminate, reduce airborne particulate, or deodorize quickly, commercial fogging with a company with the right tools and training may be the answer. iKonscious disinfection service offers ULV (Ultra Low Volume) Fogging for commercial buildings and offices. ULV fogging is best for applying non-solvent based liquid, such as disinfectants used for viruses, mold, and other types of biological disinfection. 


We have specialists fully trained and equipped with the highest quality fogging equipment to handle your needs. Our foggers are an excellent option for fogging extensive facilities quickly and the smaller business for effective disinfection. If you are looking for a cost-effective and efficient commercial fogging service that treats safety as the highest priority, you have come to the company.


We understand that shutting your doors to your business for an extended period is more than lost production and profits. It costs your market share and impacts your employees, their families, and the community. Our commercial fogging services may be the solution to get you back in business quickly.


EPA-approved disinfection service in South Bay | iKonscious

EPA-Approved Disinfectant Against Covid-19

Our disinfecting procedures are designed to use the best chemicals, tools, and protocols in the industry. All of the chemicals we use are EPA approved to use against Covid-19. It allows you to keep your workplace clean and safe on a daily basis for customers and employees. Let iKonscious be your partner when searching for the perfect disinfection. 


We serve any size of businesses and homes:

  • Restaurants
  • Banks 
  • Churches
  • Retail Stores 
  • Office Buildings
  • Doctor's office/ Dental Office
  • Schools
  • Gas / Service Stations
  • Nail Shops/ Hair Salons
  • Factories
  • Residential homes & more


Professional Disinfection Fogging Service

How much does it cost?

In spite of the fact that the rest of the market is raising their prices above the norm, iKonscious has kept the prices of this service within reach of everyone. Our standard rate is $0.13 per square feet and it can be adjusted depending on the structure of the facility. This price will ensure that you gain access to the cleaning services that you deserve while being gentle on your financial resources. Please read our blogs about the cost of the disinfection.


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