Wearing a mask shows Kindness

Wearing a mask, washing your hands, and practicing social distancing is not just about keeping ourselves safe from Coronavirus, it’s about keeping everyone safe at work, in the community, and at home, and saves lives.

Best Selling Items

Best KN95 Masks for Sale

KN95 Respirator Mask

• 95% Filtration Efficiency Level

• 5-Layer Filters & Secured Seal

• Comfortable to Breath

• FDA Registered

disposable surgical mask PPE

Disposable Face Mask

• 3-Layer High-Filtration 

• Easy to Breathe

• FDA Registered

• Soft Elastic Ear-Loop

Face Shield | Goggle Shield | 5 Pieces | Reusable | Comfort Fit | Anti-Fog

Glass Type Face Shield

• Full Protection from Droplets

• Fit Over Eyeglasses & Sunglasses

• Reusable & Replaceable Shield

• Anti-Fog & Durable

Hand Sanitizer Pump | Green Care Safe Sanitizer Plus Gel | 2 Bottles | 70% Ethanol Alcohol | Green Tea Extract | Made In South Korea

Green Tea Hand Sanitizer

• 70% Ethanol Alcohol

• Green Tea Extract

• Fragrance Free / Non-Sticky

• FDA Certification 

3D fashionable mask A washable and reusable face mask made with Creora® spandex fabric is soft, light, and has UV protection function. Higher Air Permeability makes it Easy to Breathe. The 3D shape offers a comfortable fit for all face shape.

3D Shape Fashionable Mask


Ergonomic Design Protective Face Mask


Disinfection Products

Disinfecting Fog Machine |  Atomer-II Electric ULV Sprayer | Portable | Commercial

Disinfecting Fog Machine

• Electrostatic Sprayer & Fogger

• Powerful & High-Speed Atomizer 

• Ultra-Fine Particles

• Great for All Institutions

Disinfection Germicidal Cleaner | Strike Bac Germicidal Cleaner 2 oz | Concentrate |Makes 64 gallons Disinfectant | EPA Approved

Disinfection Germicidal Cleaner

 • EPA Approved Against Covid-19

• Dilution disinfectant that kills virus

• No-Rinse Neutral pH Disinfectant

• Nice Fresh Fragrance

Disposable Isolation Gown Level One

Disposable Isolation Gown Level One

• Low to Moderate Barrier Protection

• Tested and Compliant AATCC 42

• Heavier Quality for Better Protection

• Great at Disinfection